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Shade #5-14 Welding Glasses Welding Lens for Helmet

Welding Accessoriess

Shade #5-14 Welding Glasses Welding Lens for Helmet

The good quality welding glasses made by good material with good optical feature and comply with international safety standards to bring welding protection with low cost.

  • Product name welding Helmet Mineral glasses
  • Material glasses
  • Shade Shade 5-14

Product introduction

Mineral glasses are a type of eyeglass lenses made from a material called mineral glass. mineral glasses have the feature of optical clarity,Scratch Resistance,UV Protection,Durability etc advantages, Optical Clarity: Mineral glass lenses have excellent optical clarity, providing sharp and clear vision for the wearer.

Scratch Resistance: Mineral glass is known for its resistance to scratches, helping to maintain the integrity of the lenses even with regular wear.

UV Protection: Mineral glass lenses can provide good protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, helping to safeguard the eyes from sun damage.

High Refractive Index: Mineral glass lenses often have a high refractive index, allowing them to be made thinner and lighter while maintaining the same prescription strength.

Durability: When properly cared for, mineral glass lenses can be durable and long-lasting, making them a reliable choice for eyewear.

Mineral glasses put into welding helmet will bring:

Good eyes protection during welding:  Mineral glasses can effectively block the strong light and ultraviolet rays generated during arc welding, protecting the operator's vision from damage.

Work efficiency improved: Mineral glasses can reduce glare and eye fatigue, allowing operators to focus more during the welding process and complete tasks more efficiently. 

Safety Enhanced: Mineral glasses can prevent harmful light generated during the welding process from causing damage to the operator's eyes, improving work safety. 

Comfort: Appropriate Mineral glasses can reduce the discomfort caused by local high temperature and light, and improve the operator's comfort and user experience. 

Cost efficiency: Mineral glasses is cheaper compare with auto darkening filter.

To sum up, using Mineral glasses on welding helmets can protect eyesight, improve work efficiency, enhance safety, and increase comfort. This makes it a very important piece of protective equipment for workers performing arc welding operations.

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Technical Parameter

Product name

welding Helmet Mineral glasses




Precision cut to true size for a better fit. Optically correct with consistent shading throughout the plate or lens for welder protection and comfort.


Shade 5-14





120x100mm,114x133mm,165x110mm, 50mm Round


Other special sizes are available upon requested


Each lens individual foil bag packed, Inner box & Outer carton,

Outside with Export pallet protective packed

Special requirements for packing such as envelope, blister, etc are available upon request