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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Lens Filter with CE/ANSI/CSA Certification (WS80)

Auto-Darkening Filter

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Lens Filter with CE/ANSI/CSA Certification (WS80)

This product take our best and latest technonlogy of SmartShade, Tack Mode, Step Delay, Shade Lock combine with our independent 6th Genations ships to bring best using experience and welding protection for users.

  • Cartridge Size 133x114x7mm/5.24" x 4.5" x 0.28"
  • Viewing Area 100mm x 82mm / 3.94" x 3.23"

introduction and advantage

Smart-shade Features introduction and advantage 

Usually, before welding begins, the welder needs to set shade based on the welding material, scene, and current etc. With the pre-set and simulate difference welding environment by use the high technology, Smart shade function can identify the different welding environment and adjust to the suitable working shade automatically, this means it will be:

* Most friendly for green hands as shade adapts to the brightness of the arc automatically no need manual adjustment achieved truly fully automatic welding

*Most comfortable and protection to the eyes as the bandpass change synchronous with welding arc, eyes will not feel the welding arc changes

Step Delay Features introduction and advantage 

During the welding, ADF is normally in the dark state 13, 14 or dark state 10, 11 to protect the welder's eyesfrom strong welding arc, when the welding work completed welding arc disappeared, the normal ADF shade will directly change from dark state to bright state in 0.1 to 1 second short time , which make the eyes needs to adapt to the extreme brightness change from dark to bright in very short seconds and make eyes discomfort. The step delay function perfectly solves this pain point, after the end of welding, ADF is not directly changed from dark state to bright state, but first change from dark state to shade 5, and then turns to light state, so that the eye has an adaptation process and feels more comfortable

Tack Mode Features introduction and advantage 

Generally, during spot welding, the welding arc will frequently switch between dark state and light state in a short period of time, so that the ADF filter also frequently switches between dark state and light state, making people eyes discomfort. Tack Mode function perfectly solves this pain point by making Shade5 to be the convert shade, when the spot welding arc disappears, ADF is not directly switched to the light state, but to shade 5, which greatly reduces the discomfort of the eyes caused by the big change of brightness and darkness, and also ensures the clarity of the view during welding work

Shade Lock Features introduction and advantage

In some welding environments ,the ADF can not work because of the detection range or angle limitation the sensor can not detecting the welding arc , normal ADF can not solve this problem, and have to place with mineral glasses, it is not only complex and also not very convenient to work, Shade lock function been made to solve this issue , when in the unable detect working environments , welder can use this function, lock a suitable shade to make the ADF be used as a mineral glasses, and when the work complete it can be switched back . Or people who need a fixed shade to complete some specific job, this feature can also been used. 

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Lens Filter with CEANSIZ941na

Technical Parameter