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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WS80

Welding Helmet

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WS80

This product take our best and latest technonlogy of SmartShade, Tack Mode, Step Delay, Shade Lock combine with our independent 6th Genations ships to bring best using experience and welding protection for users.

  • Optical Class 1/1/1/1
  • Viewing Area 100mm x 82mm / 3.94" x 3.23"
  • Cartridge Size 133mm x 114mm x 7mm/5.24" x 4.5" x 0.28"

introduction and advantage

Weld helmet Smart-shade Features introduction and advantage

Typically, welders must adjust the shading level before starting to weld, taking into account factors such as the welding material, environment, and current. Using advanced technology to pre-set and simulate various welding conditions, the automatic shading function can automatically identify different welding environments and adjust the shading to suit the work. This results in: 

Enhanced user-friendliness: The welding shade automatically adapts to the brightness of the arc, making it very user-friendly, especially for beginners. This results in truly fully automatic welding, with no need for manual adjustments.

Improve comfort and eye protection: The Auto darkening filter band pass changes synchronously with the welding arc, ensuring that the eyes cannot detect changes in the welding arc, providing maximum comfort and protection.

Weld helmet Step Delay Features introduction and advantage

During welding, the Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) typically stays in the dark state (shade 13, 14, or 10, 11) to protect the welder's eyes from the intense welding arc. After completing the welding work, the ADF instantly switches from the dark to the bright state in 0.1 to 1 second, causing discomfort to the eyes as they rapidly adapt to the sudden shift from darkness to brightness. The step delay function effectively addresses this issue. Instead of transitioning directly from the dark state to the bright state after welding, the ADF first switches to shade 5 and then to the light state, allowing the eyes to gradually adapt, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Weld helmet Tack Mode Features introduction and advantage

In the process of spot welding, the welding arc often switches rapidly between dark and light states, causing the ADF filter to follow suit. This rapid switching can cause discomfort for the eyes. The Tack Mode function effectively addresses this issue by setting Shade 5 as the transitional shade. When the spot welding arc vanishes, the ADF does not immediately shift to the light state but rather transitions to shade 5. This approach significantly diminishes the discomfort experienced by the eyes due to drastic changes in brightness and darkness while maintaining clear visibility during welding tasks.

Weld helmet Shade Lock Features introduction and advantage

In certain welding environments, the ADF may be unable to function due to limitations in the sensor's detection range or angle, resulting in the inability to detect the welding arc. Standard ADFs are incapable of addressing this issue, often necessitating the use of mineral glasses as a substitute. This practice not only adds complexity but also hinders convenience during work. To resolve this challenge, the Shade Lock function has been introduced. In situations where the sensor cannot detect the welding arc, welders can utilize this function to lock a suitable shade, effectively converting the ADF into a mineral glass alternative. Once the task is complete, the ADF can be easily switched back to its original function. Moreover, individuals requiring a fixed shade for specific jobs can also take advantage of this feature.


Technical Parameter



Optical Class


Viewing Area

100mm x 82mm / 3.94" x 3.23"

Cartridge Size

133mm x 114mm x 7mm/5.24" x 4.5" x 0.28"

UV/IR Protection

Permanent Shade DIN 14

Light State

Shade DIN 3

Dark State

DIGITAL5-8/9-14, AUTO 5-14




Shade DIN 3

Sensitivity Control


Reaction Time (swithing time)

0.0003 sec

Delay Control (Time from dark to light)

0.1-0.9s/2-step/Tack mode

Digital Display


Battery Type

1 x CR 2450( Replaceable) Storing:>3 Years/Standby:8000~20000 Hours/Working:2000~3000 Hours

Solar Cell


Power On/Off

Fully Automatic

TIG Rating



EN379 CE/ANSI Z87.1/CSA Z94.21