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WELPPE Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Powered Air Purifying Respirator

WELPPE Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Good quality PAPR with 3 level airflow adjustment,stable air supply,high filter efficiency and Multiple alarming system to protect your every breath.

    product introduction

    PAPR refers to Powered Air Purifying Respirator, which is an electric air purifying respirator, mainly used to provide clean and filtered air to the breather. PAPR is usually used in situations where harmful gases, particles or other pollutants may be present in the environment, such as industrial production, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industries. It can provide highly effective protection to the respiratory tract, keep the respiratory tract clean, and reduce the risk of respiratory infections and chemical contamination.

    Advantages of Well PPE Technology PAPR

    High-efficiency filtration: WELPPE PAPR air supply system fit with good quality filter with high filtering efficiency which comply in CE etc international safety standards,can filter particles and harmful substances in the air, providing clean air to the breather.

    Comfort: Compared with ordinary products in the market, The design of WELPPE PAPR taking into account the comfort and convenience of the wearer, including wearing adjustment systems, weight-saving designs, etc. provides better ventilation, reducing the feeling of stuffiness and discomfort for the breather. 

    Continuous and stable air supply: WELPPE PAPR respirators adopt a full-face design hood, covering the entire face, providing all-round protection while maintaining ventilation and comfort.And PAPR outputs the setting air volume steadily, and it won't be weakened at any time.

    Easy to wear and use: WELPPE PAPR respirator and hoods are reasonably designed to better adapt to the face and head of the breather, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. And PAPR LCD display indicates most information of PAPR working status, including airflow level, filter status, battery level, etc. which is more easy to use.

    3 levels of airflow adjustment ensures the customized and comfortable air volume in different working condition.

    Multiple alarming of Audible, visual and vibrating alarms alert the user and ensure safe use of the PAPR.

    Good Power management: Because of good material and technology using, WELPPE PAPR having good battery life which supply stable power supply and intelligent power management to ensure stable operation of the equipment for a long time.

    Wide scope of application: WELPPE PAPR is suitable for situations where you need to wear a hood for a long time and perform operations in harmful environments, such as medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.

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