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What kinds of welding helmet are there


What kinds of welding helmet are there


1. handheld welding helmet

This welding mask is one of the most old-fashioned, and the mask is composed of a handle and a filter. The handheld welding mask needs to be held in one hand and welded with the other hand. At the moment of welding, the mask needs to be held mechanically to block the strong light of welding. Once the two hands are not coordinated, it is easy to cause the eyes to be burned by strong light. The handheld welding mask is equivalent to a single hand operation, so it is relatively low in terms of operation efficiency. In addition, in order to better protect the eyes, the quality of welding will also have an impact.

2. Head welding helmet

Relative to the handheld welding mask is more advanced, for an improved type. Although this welding mask is free of one hand, both hands can be welded at the same time, but because the filter is black, so in the absence of welding, the observation window is open. Once the operation is required, the staff need to rely on the strength of the neck to shake down the observation window, and if the action is not timely, it is easy to cause eye damage. If the observation window is repeatedly opened and closed for a long time, the personnel are fatigued and the work efficiency is low.

3. automatic light welding helmet

It is the most advanced welding mask at present, which uses advanced light detection technology and liquid crystal technology of new welding mask. It is composed of automatic dimming screen, side window and helmet. The working principle is that the photoelectric sensing circuit inside the mask detects the light generated during welding (mainly infrared or ultraviolet), amplifies it, triggers the control circuit of the liquid crystal, and applies the corresponding driving signal in the liquid crystal of the mask (transmitted TN liquid crystal) according to the preset light transmittance.

Liquid crystal acting as light valve will change its light transmittance. The advantage of automatic dimming welding mask is that the probe automatically senses the arc light, the liquid crystal dimming screen quickly darkens, is safe and reliable, and the welding workpiece can be clearly seen before arcing, and the arc automatically darkens at the moment of arcing. The hands are completely liberated, greatly improve the work efficiency, ensure the quality of welding, and effectively filter out the infrared and ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human eye during the welding process. At the same time, the bright light is reduced to a low light that the human eye can withstand.

The appearance of automatic dimming welding mask provides the possibility for enterprises to improve welding quality and improve efficiency. Higher welding quality, welding efficiency, welder's career satisfaction will have a positive impact on the market competitiveness of enterprises.