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Welding protective products selection and precautions

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As a welder, it it important to use protective products to ensure the working safety.

First, welders must wear helmet correctly. The helmet is one of the most basic protection for welder from sparks and spatter damage.

Welding helmet is normally made by plastic, and fit with mineral glasses or auto darkening filter to protect the welder's eyes and face from light intensity stimulation and welding sparks. During the welding process, strong ultraviolet and infrared radiation will be there, which will cause eye fatigue, tears, blurred vision and other problems, and even lead to serious retinopathy. At the same time, welding process will produce some metal particles, gases and harmful substances, which will harm the welder's skin and respiratory tract, causing inflammation, allergies and other adverse reactions, so wearing a welding helmet can effectively reduce these risks.

There are three types of welding helmet in the market for selection:

1. Normal basical welding helmet: fitted with mineral glasses to protect the weld’s eyes and face,it can filter out some harmful radiation, but it is not safe and reliable enough.

2. Auto darkening welding helmet: fitted with auto darkening filters, and welder can manual adjust the shade according to arc strength. This helmet is suitable for different types and colors of filters and is suitable for various types of welding work.

3. Auto shade welding helmets: WELL PPE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Produced advance technology welding helmet fitted with the auto darkening filter which has the auto shade function, the filter shade can be automatically adjusted according to the arc strength instead of manual adjusted. It is achieved fully automatic and reduce the rely on welder’s working experience, easy to use and bring better protection and comfortable to the eyes.

Welder can select the suitable one according to the working environment and their needed

And When wearing the welding helmet, make sure that the helmet covers the entire face,and be adjusted in the right position to ensure a clear vision and suitable for the head size.

And before every time using, it is necessary to check whether the welding helmet ,filter or glasses protective sheet, etc. are ok, and replace them if necessary.

Second, welders also need to wear protective clothing correctly. Protective clothing is an important protection against sparks and spatter. Welders should choose protective clothing with good flame retardant performance and high temperature resistance, and ensure its integrity. When wearing, be careful to tuck the hem of the protective clothing into the protective pants to avoid sparks entering the inside of the clothing. In addition, welders also need to wear protective gloves, safety shoes and goggles and other protective equipment to fully protect themselves.