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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WS60+

Welding Helmet

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WS60+

This welding helmet with bigger view area and light shade DIN3 auto darkening filter to ensure better clarity for the user.

  • Optical Class 1/1/1/1
  • Viewing Area 98 x 62mm /3.86" x 2.5"
  • Cartridge Size 110 x 90 x 7mm / 4.33" x 3.54" x 0.28"

introduction and advantage

The Better Clarity Advanced Technology

This welding helmet comes with ADF in light shade DIN3 for enhanced visibility when not actively involved in welding. This gives welders a clearer view of their surroundings, allowing them to make accurate adjustments as needed. In addition, the lower light status shade reduces visual fatigue and helps improve comfort during long working hours. Finally, welding helmets with low-light visors are particularly suitable for use in dim environments, including low-intensity welding and low-light conditions.

larger view area

Featuring an auto-darkening filter with larger view of 98 x 62 mm, this welding helmet is designed to improve the working environment for welders. The wider field of view not only improves visibility for more accurate and efficient welding operations, but also better adapts to different working environments and angles. Additionally, a larger viewing window helps reduce eye fatigue and improves overall comfort and productivity during long welding sessions. In addition, improved visibility and an expanded field of view help welders better monitor and respond to changes in the welding process and environment, resulting in overall improved safety. As a result, this welding helmet provides welders with a more efficient and enjoyable welding experience while prioritizing their safety and comfort.

Better optical class 1/1/1/1 

The welding helmet auto darkening filter with optical ratings 1/1/1/1 provides excellent visual protection and clarity, helping to increase welder productivity and comfort. Optical Class  1/1/1/1 means extremely low optical distortion, providing a true, clear view. Additionally, in each category ensures uniform light intensity and color in all directions, allowing welders to accurately see weld and workpiece details. Additionally, the 1/1/1/1 rating means effective glare reduction, protecting the welder’s eyes from excessive light. 


Technical Parameter



Optical Class


Viewing Area

98 x 62mm /3.86" x 2.5"

Cartridge Size

110 x 90 x 7mm / 4.33" x 3.54" x 0.28"

UV/IR Protection

Permanent Shade DIN 14

Light State

Shade DIN 3

Dark State

Variable Shade 5-8/9-14




Shade DIN 3

Sensitivity Control


Reaction Time (swithing time)

0.0001 sec

Delay Control (Time from dark to light)


Digital Display


Battery Type

 1×CR2450 (Replaceable)

Solar Cell


Power On/Off

Fully Automatic

TIG Rating



EN379 CE/ANSI Z87.1/CSA Z94.13