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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WF770

Welding Helmet

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WF770

The welding helmet offer excellent features at an affordable price by Offering a wider view area, optical classes 1/1/1/1 with shade range 4-13 in digital way.

  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WF770
  • ADF MODE WF770
  • Optical Class 1/1/1/1
  • Viewing Area 98mm x 82mm / 3.86" x 3.23"

introduction and advantage

Better Quality and Reliable Protection

This welding helmet is made of top grade PA material and complies with all relevant safety standards such as ANSI, CE, CSA and AS/NZS. It provides thorough protection for the face and neck, protecting the welder from spatter and dangerous radiation. With its smart design, it relieves pressure on your head and neck. Fully auto-darkening lenses combine advanced true color technology and clarity, eliminating the need to manually adjust the hood. Additionally, a user-friendly internal grinding switch enables to do good grinding tasks. This welding helmet has a precise shade range of 4/5-9/9-13, optimizing visibility and safety.

Highest Optical Class 1/1/1/1, More Comfortable for Eyes

With an exceptional optical classification of 1/1/1/1, this auto darkening filter provides unmatched visual clarity, color recognition, and minimal distortion. This outstanding optical quality enables welders to work with precision and accuracy, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Our welding helmets offer superior protection while maintaining visibility, allowing for seamless transition between welding and non-welding tasks. This results in increased productivity and enhanced safety in the workplace.

More Accurate Shade Control, Better Protection in Welding

By using good technology we created On-line Automatic Testing, with the chip which we developed which can be more correctly for the shade testing and adjustment to provide better protection for welder from welding arc

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH8-WF770-1m9s

Technical Parameter

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet




Optical Class


Viewing Area

98mm x 82mm / 3.86" x 3.23"

Cartridge Size

133mm x 114mm x 9mm/5.24" x 4.5" x 0.35"

UV/IR Protection

Permanent Shade DIN 13

Light State

Shade DIN 4

Dark State

Variable Shade 5~9/9 ~ 13




Shade DIN 4

Sensitivity Control

 Knob Adjustable

Reaction Time (swithing time)

0.00004 sec (1/25,000)

Delay Control (Time from dark to light)

0.1-1.0 Seconds Continuously Adjustable

Digital Display


Battery Type

2 x CR 2032 (Replaceable)

Solar Cell


Power On/Off

Fully Automatic

TIG Rating



EN379 CE/ANSI Z87.1/CSA Z94.3