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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH6-WD60

Welding Helmet

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH6-WD60

This product boasts our most advanced Tack Mode and Step Delay technologies, coupled with our proprietary 6th Generation chips, to deliver an unparalleled welding experience and unrivaled protection for users. 

  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet WH6-WD60
  • Optical Class 1/1/1/2
  • Viewing Area 98 x 62mm /3.86" x 2.5"

introduction and advantage

The Better Clarity Advanced Technology

This welding helmet comes with a light shade DIN3 auto-darkening filter that improves visibility and reduces eye strain, enabling precise adjustments and greater comfort during extended work periods. Also, the low-light visors are useful for working in dimly lit settings, like low-intensity welding or low-light conditions.

Bigger view area and better using experience

Our welding helmet is equipped with an auto-darkening filter that offers welders an extended field of view and improved safety during welding. The larger viewing area enhances visibility, enabling better precision and control while also providing maximum protection for the eyes and face.

Abundant delay control modes

Different to traditional delay control adjustment, this welding helmet features an auto-darkening filter with two special delay modes: step delay and tack mode. Step delay divided the changes from darken to light state by 2 steps after welding complete, while Tack Mode function special designed for spot welding to prevent filters frequently switches between dark and light state.

These modes can be used at difference welding environment and significantly reduce extreme brightness changes from dark to light during welding, thereby enhancing eye protection and comfort.

ULTRA-SLIM Technology

Compared with traditional welding helmet with a filter thickness of 9mm-10mm, this welding helmet uses advanced technology to reduce the filter thickness to 7mm,result in reducing the weight by 25%. This significantly reduces the load on the head and improve comfort when wearing the helmet.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet WH6-WD60gw1

Technical Parameter

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet




Optical Class


Viewing Area

98 x 62mm /3.86" x 2.5"

Cartridge Size

110 x 90 x 9mm / 4.33" x 3.54" x 0.28"

UV/IR Protection

Permanent Shade DIN 13

Light State

Shade DIN 3

Dark State

Variable Shade 5-8/9-13




Shade DIN 3

Sensitivity Control


Reaction Time (swithing time)

0.00004 sec

Delay Control (Time from dark to light)

0.1-0.9s/2-step/Tack mode

Digital Display


Battery Type

 1×CR2450 (Replaceable)

Solar Cell


Power On/Off

Fully Automatic

TIG Rating



EN379 CE/ANSI Z87.1/CSA Z94.3